The Farewell. Movie Review

As someone who follows the buzz coming out of the film festival/ premiere circuit but who is very rarely able to go go to any festival/ premiere screening (that being said I’m travelling to see the UK premiere of the new Makoto Shinkai film next month) you occasionally come across those films for which the buzz is so strong that is immediately goes the top of your “I must see this as soon as screening becomes available.” This was definitely the case with Lulu Wang’s The Farewell which I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about since the start of the year. I took the first chance I could to see it a couple days prior to the UK release. Did it live up to the hype?
The answer is a very big YES. This is a lovely film. The film is proof if proof were needed that this sort of gentle drama can still be incredibly comparing (take note British ” grey pound” film industry.) Wonderfully performed with a quiet power that is actively quite difficult to describe (at least for me.) Despite it’s very specific focus on Chinese culture and custom I found it’s depiction of how various different personality types and generations on can choose to deal with the prospect of grief and how this causes inner conflict within families very relatable and moving in places. It’s wonderful on so many different levels.
If your a fan of quality and emotionally engaging drama this is an absolute must see. The subject matter might not sound like something you need to rush out and see but what as with all media,any theme or subject matter can be effective if its pulled off in the right way (I recently saw the UK production of the absolutely wonderful post 9/11 musical Come From Away which is another poster child for this fact.) I’m looking forward to seeing what’s Lulu Wang does next.

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