Glow. Season 3. Review.

The benefit of one of your favourite actors/ actresses being in something is that you are always more inclined to check it out as a viewer. That was my relationship to the first season of Glow. I know next to nothing about wrestling (although I did see Fighting with my Family this year) but it was the new project starring Alison Brie in the lead role and I’ve never seen her be less than great in anything. So I tried the first episode and was really surprised with its quality. Season 1 was a very pleasant surprise but it was with Season 2 to that the show transitioned into one of my favourite Netflix originals. It was a more ambitious and developed season tackling a broad range of issues that I wouldn’t have expected coming out of the very entertaining but mostly quite lightweight tone of Season 1 . Going into the release of Season 3 I was excited to see what relocation to Vegas would do in terms of storyline opportunities and the show had put just enough time i’m into each member of the very large ensemble cast but I was invested in the characters and their drama. How did Season 3 turn out?
I think Season 3 is in the middle of the park as far as the quality goes. It’s very solid. Better than Season 1 but not as good as Season 2. That said I can see see why certain viewers might not be as into it this time around. This season makes very clear from early on that whilst in Vegas the characters are performing the same show show with the same matches night after night. The writer’s room is smart enough to know but this will be incredibly boring from an audience perspective. As a result if this is a much more low key and character focused season that reduces the focus on the wrestling significantly. The shows characters and writing are strong enough to keep the season engaging throughout. The final two episodes are particularly strong. If you enjoy so regardless of how much wrestling may be involved in each storyline I think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this season. If you’re watching specifically for the wrestling angle your mileage may vary.
Despite the more low key tone this was a very solid season of what is a very good show regardless of how much you know about wrestling. With the recent announcement of the fourth and final season,even if Netflix have a tendency to end shows prematurely given where the story has left off and what’s been set up I think a final season to explore these plot lines and finish the story is about right for this show.

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