Judy. Paragraph Movie Review

Renée Zellweger delivers an absolutely incredible central performance in what is otherwise a fairly standard but solid biographical drama focused on concerts performed by Judy Garland in London 6 months prior to her death. Whatever problems the film has the central performance keeps it engaging throughout. This is to the extent that a lot of the supporting cast are significantly underwritten. Jessie Buckley one of the best UK actresses working today gets a supporting role as in as Garlands assistant and Michael Gambonn turns up for around 5 minutes of screen time as there promoter who brings the concerts to London. Judy’s mother/ daughter relationship with Liza Minnelli seems like an afterthought only having one extended scene. It’s also hard not feel like the films edges have been somewhat softened as it’s the kind of BBC Films production that will probably play the 9 p.m Sunday slot in 3 years time. For all these problems so much time is given to the powerhouse central performance (Darci Shaw is also excellent playing Garland at the height of her teenage fame) that the film is very recommendable if you like this type of biopic.

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