The Goldfinch. Movie Review.

I mentioned in my review of The Farewell how buzz from film festivals can effect desire to see a film as soon as possible for those us that can’t attend these festivals. It can also go the other way. This was the case with The Goldfinch a two-and-a-half hour drama based on a 700 page Pulitzer Prize winning novel I saw reviews coming out of the Toronto Film Festival claiming but the film was one of the years biggest disasters. It’s belly flop at the US box office seemed to solidify to that notion. I took a chance to see the film when it opened in the UK (where it has also flopped) as I knew it wouldn’t be in cinemas for long. Is it really that bad?
Yes and no. Don’t get me wrong the film is a confused, bloated, pretentious mess but I don’t think the film will live long in the memory of those that like to analyse famous cinematic disasters. It’s too boring and lacking in any truly offensive missteps (beyond its sheer pretentiousness.) A solid cast flit in and out of the narrative but the most interesting thing any of them have to offer from a viewers perspective is trying to work out why Finn Wolfhard was (a) cast as a Russian/Ukrainian character in the first place and (b) laughing at his dreadful attempt at an accent. I know Wolfhard’s one of the most popular young actors around at the moment but would have would have killed them to cast a more natural sounding actor. Other than that if films were food items this would be unsalted crackers. Mostly inoffensive but very dull and with nothing truly interesting to offer. If you like dry and confused character dramas the film might have something to offer but i’d recommend but you take the advice suggested by the film media and avoid it.

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