Farmageddon. A Shaun The Sheep Movie. Review.

I absolutely love Ardman In terms of feature animation they’re one of the last two studios standing for the sadly dying yet wonderful art of stop motion. That’s not getting into all the fantastic commercials, short films and countless other projects that have made them a staple of British culture. Of their feature films i’d say Shaun The Sheep’s first feature-length outing is probably the most underrated and yet also the most pure Ardman product in their back catalogue. That I was super excited to see the sequel from argument regardless of what it is is always cause for celebration in my book. So how did they do with the first feature-length sequel?
It’s no surprise that Farmageddon is of the typically high standards you expect with an Ardman production. It’s got the typical bleed of wonderfully crafted stop motion, an insanely high gag rate and so much love and detail in every frame it would take multiple watches to spot everything going on
That said in terms of its own franchise I don’t I think this sequel is quite up to the very highest standard of Shaun’s first feature-length outing. It doesn’t break the rules of its own franchise as there’s no real dialogue but it is insistent on having something of a plot as opposed to a loosely connected series of sketches and scenes like the first film. There are points where the gag rate slows significantly so the film can do a basic “friendly alien” plot we’ve seen in a million different forms. I think the filmmakers are aware of this and that their interpretation doesn’t offer much beyond doing it in typical Ardman Style but it does mean that I don’t think the film is up there are with Ardman’s very best work (which to be fair is the sort of high bar that many animation studios would kill for.)
If you like Ardman feature films and work in general l you will definitely have a good time with their latest effort. It’s got all the typical strengths you expect from an Ardman production but certain creative choices mean that it’s not up there with their very best.

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