Midway. Paragraph Review.

Much as I do have a soft spot for The Day After Tomorrow if I had to to assemble and list of the most boring filmmakers currently working in Hollywood Roland Emmerich would probably top that list. This is not to say that talented people don’t work on his films all that I have anything against him personally. The majority of his films are aggressively mediocre with the same strengths and weaknesses regardless of the subject matter he is tackling. Now he turns his skills towards dramatizing the Battle of Midway. I really tried to go into this with an open mind but once you’ve seen one Roland Emmerich film you’ve seen a majority of the others. A solid cast are given paper-thin characters to work with, he treats the war battles and dog fights in the typical CG heavy disaster porn style it’s overlong and will slide off the brain as soon as you are finished watching it. This film checks all the boxes. If you’re that desperate to see a disaster porn style war movie go ahead but for everyone else there’s nothing of interest to see here.


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