Blue Story. Review.

As someone who tries to see a majority of the new releases every week sometimes you can wonder into a film knowing little to nothing about it. This was the case for when I wandered into to a screening of Blue Story story having some time to kill before seeing a certain massive sequel that was also out that weekend. I was aware that it was a new UK gangster film and that is had got a Cineworld Unlimited Screening but I knew nothing about director Rapman or his previous work. That said I went in with a relatively open mind.
As a white mid twenties Scottish suburban film blogger it’s fair to say the film was not for me. That said Rapman shows clear ability and a solid directorial eye in this first feature (despite some choppy editing in places.) With some fine tuning he could be a solid filmmaker. I enjoyed his rapping interludes where he comes across like ghetto Lin-Manuel-Miranda and I think the film has an audience that will connect with and really enjoy it. It was clearly made with that audience in mind and despite the marginal negativity of this review if the film looks like something you might be into you will probably enjoy it.

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