Frozen 2. Review

It’s important to remember that when the first Frozen was released no one expected anything from it. It quickly became the massive of world conquering force we know it as now. I’ve always loved it and I’m not going to apologise for that. So obviously I was incredibly excited to take in the first screening of the sequel that I could. I sat down ready for another instalment in one of my favourite franchises. Did it deliver what I wanted as a huge fan?
Frozen 2 is something of an oddity. Don’t get me wrong I think the majority of the adult fans will come away very satisfied and those that were predisposed to hate it will not change their mind if they are forced to sit through it. At its core the film understands that the characters and music are what made the first film ma so special and it delivers more of that very effectively. That said much as I really appreciated the darker tone and added mythology to the world of Arendelle (with the filmmakers clearly showing that they have seen Avatar:The Last Airbender.) I’m not sure how it would play to your average crowd of little girls as they wander into the cinema dressed in there Disney store bought Elsa cosplays. I guess only time will tell. The voice acting is strong throughout with all of the original cast returning along with new additions Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K Brown The visuals are obviously gorgeous with some shorts that are just begging to be framed and put on a wall. The new songs are incredibly solid without having the obvious megahit on Let It Go(although Some Things Never Change is an immediate favourite of mine.) There’s no immediate dud like Fixer-Upper was on the original soundtrack.
The film was an immensely satisfying watch for me as as someone who fell in love with the first film providing everything I wanted from the prospect of a Frozen sequel. Well I think the darker tone was a brave choice and definitely works for me can see some of the core audience not engaging with it nearly as much as the first film but only time will tell.

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