A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Paragraph Review.

Mr Rogers was never something that crossed over in the UK (as far as I know.) I’m aware are of who he was and his show via cultural osmosis.Nevertheless this acclaimed dramatisation loosely based on on the relationship between between Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) and a cynical magazine journalist (Matthew Rhys) was a very strange viewing experience for me. On the one hand the characters are paper thin (for as good as Hanks is) with arcs that you can predict 15 minutes in. On the other hand it’s best moments (most of which are the interactions between the two central characters) are so deeply moving that the film is worth a recommendation so that these moments can be experienced by the widest audience possible. I came out of the film thinking that there would be a serious market for Tom Hanks doing an in character audiobook of Fred Rogers giving life/ philosophical advice. I know I would download it on day one
General UK release. 31st January 2020.

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