Charlies Angels (2019.) Review

The new Charlie’s Angels (it’s third now failed attempt at a reboot)has good intentions. It’s aiming to give a franchise previously known are having a definite male gaze angle a fresh and empowering face lift while providing a solid action movie for general audiences. Much and I do enjoy the first two Pitch Perfect films the choice of Elizabeth Banks as director, producer and co-star always struck me as a little bit odd giving that the second film was her only previous major directing credit.
Don’t get me wrong there’s a fair amount to like in the final product. When it works it’s a fun, frothy experience that does succeed in what it’s trying to do. The material is a little thin but Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska do a good job in the central roles That said Banks helms some of the worst action scenes I’ve seen in a recent memory and this is a massive hamper on what could have been very solid film. I’m not expecting John Wick or The Raid films but all the action has been chopped and edited into oblivion to the extent that I’m willing to bet not one action shot lasts longer then 3 seconds. It’s a shame because it looks like there’s some decent stunt work gone into these sequences but it’s pretty much impossible to see thanks to the editing and direction.
If you want a perfect example of “good intentions do not a good film make” this would be it. Despite a few redeeming qualities Banks inexperience at directing action sequences shows through and cripples what could have been a solid action/adventure.

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