Seeberg. Paragraph Review.

Kristen Stewart plays French new wave actress Jean Seberg in this dramatization of how she became a victim of illegal monitoring by the FBI after becoming involved in of the Black Power movement of the late 1960s. Stewart is pretty solid in the title role it’s just a shame that the characters and script around her are so paper thin. Whilst watching the film aside from Seeberg herself I got to know most of their characters by there archetypes within the plot (boyfriend, husband,FBI guys, activists and so on.)All this does a massive disservice to a solid supporting cast that includes Jack O’Connell, Margaret Qualley, Colin Meaney, Vince Vaughn and Anthony Mackie among others. This is a feeling replicated by the entire film in that you get the general sense that as sad as this story is it deserves better representation on screen then this film can offer. Given that I was the only person in the cinema for an opening week,afternoon screening after the film had been dumped out with no promotional campaign whatsoever in the UK I think distributor Universal certainly know that (if not the filmmakers themselves.)

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