Bombshell. Review.

This well-intentioned dramatisation of the #metoo scandal that eventually took down Fox News chief Roger Ailes was incredibly frustrating. It’s well acted especially by Charlize Theron as Megan Kelly (the only element of the film deserving of the Oscar nominations it has received) but in general the film has a massive tone problem. It’s far too glossy and star driven to really get under the skin of the very serious issues it wants to discuss and appeal to an audience that enjoys prestige dramas. That said as much as the film is nowhere near as hard hitting as it thinks it is. That said it’s hard hitting enough to probably put off those audiences who will go to this film for a glossy star power drama.
The film offers nothing that you would not get from looking at any number of #metoo related news stories and depending on the story these are probably conveyed in a much more emotionally engaging and shocking way then Bombshell. One of the most frustratingly mediocre films of recent memory.

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