Klaus (Netflix.) Review.

Watching Christmas movies at the end of January may seem like an odd choice but I finally got around to watching Netflix Klaus in the wake of hearing so much good stuff about it as well as its Oscar nomination for Animated Feature.
Yes and no. There’s no denying that this is a lovely film. The fusion of 2D and 3D art styles looks gorgeous and the film has a very gentle tone that I think everyone will be able to enjoy. The voice acting is also strong throughout with JK Simmons been absolutely perfect for the role of Klaus himself.
That said from the perspective of someone who’s seen a lot of animated films in his time it was hard to ignore how this film does both the ” protagonist visits new area he is initially hesitant of before coming to love it” it and the ” protagonist develops friendship with someone who he is initially antagonistic towards” tropes. The films villains feel entirely bolted on and unnecessary. These choices hold the film back from being the true future classic but some of its fans think it is.
Don’t get me wrong Klaus is lovely. It’s worthy of it’s Oscar nomination on art style alone. That said the plot what is far too cliched and predictable to be the true classic the art style deserves. That said in terms of modern Christmas films it’s definitely the best of recent memory. I’d certainly watch this again over the insufferable Elf.

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