I Lost My Body.Review

This Oscar nominated French animation is actively quite hard to describe. On the one hand as the title would imply it’s a very experimental and visually striking film about a sentient hand that goes searching for its owner. That’s only about 30% of the film. The other 70% is a love story told in flashback where the hands owner,a pizza delivery guy falls in love with a girl who’s voice he initially hares over an intercom. The stuff with the hand could have been played for a joke in the vein of something like Rubber(a horror comedy from 2011 about a killer car tyre blowing things up) but this material would make a terrific short film in its own right. The love story on the other hand feels super thin (even taking into account the films 80 minute run time) and the sort of thing viewers will have seen a million times before.
There’s definitely a huge audience out there for a film like this and I encourage people to check it out for themselves but for me it’s easily the weakest film in Best Animated Feature for 2020 (in what is admittedly a pretty strong category.)

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