Parasite. Movie Review + Subtitled Films In The UK

Subtitles and foreign films have an odd place within the UK film market. Even the most acclaimed entries rarely break outside of the arthouse market into the big multiplex chains and mostly talked about by film hipsters telling you how great this obscure foreign thing I just saw was. Not to say that this will change entirely thanks to Bong Joon Ho’s satirical dark comedy, but it certainly has the chance to make an impact depending on how UK distributor Curzon handles it. Don’t get me wrong this story of how a family living in squalor manipulate a very rich family has enough themes below the surface to be analysed to the nth degree. That said it’s also hugely entertaining and without question the funniest film I saw in terms of 2019 releases. It’s also not afraid to get darker and more intense as the story progresses. This is one of those cases where viewers want to go in knowing as little as possible. Well there have been some complaints about the casts lack of recognition from the Academy  this is much more of an ensemble peace then the majority of Oscar films nominated in recent memory and the contributions of the cast (as great as they are) are a big part of crafting the films brilliance as opposed to it being one specific performer. Hopefully with all the acclaim and Oscar nominations this film breaks out of its niche in the UK and goes on to attain the wider audience it deserves. It’s my favourite of all the 2020 Best Picture nominees and could be a gateway for potential audiences in opening their eyes to more foreign cinema.

Parasite is released in the UK on February 7th


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