Queen & Slim. Paragraph Review.

This drama written by Lena Waithe of Master of None can very easily be described as “black Bonnie and Clyde. I think that does something of a disservice both to the film and people’s potential expectations. Yes, it starts off with Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith (both excellent) going on a Tinder date that results on them going on the run after killing a white police officer. That said it’s much more of a slow burn road movie than that premise would imply. The strength and chemistry in the lead performances kept me engaged throughout with some excellent sequences of tension sprinkled throughout. Waithe is unlikely to repent “Thanksgiving” (for which she  deservedly won an Emmy) but she turns in some strong work here enabling the leads to bounce off each other effectively. The film is definitely a bit too long at 135 minutes and you know exactly where it’s going from the second the plot kicks into gear but if you’re looking for an incredibly solid and engrossing slice of drama this would certainly be a good choice.


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