Honey Boy. Paragraph Review.

Shia LaBeouf is something of an easy target in Media. Whether it’s the Optimus yell, the “I’m Not Famous Anymore” bag, JUST DO IT or the “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf video (to name a few.).  Watching Honey Boy, the screen adaptation of his acclaimed autobiographical screenplay focusing mostly on the relationship he had with his abusive father (played by LaBeouf) makes me want to apologise for any time I’m I poked fun at him. This could have very easily been a vanity project but it’s clear but LaBeouf wanted to use this experience to try and make a broader point about the pressure and impact of child stardom by focusing on central character aged 12 (Noah Jupe) and during a stint in rehab at age 22 (Lucas Hedges.) Both performances are excellent, and the film is very successful at achieving what it sets out to do even if it doesn’t have a great deal else on its mind. It’s a tough but rewarding watch and you only need to look at something like the recent film adaptation of A Million Little Pieces to realise how badly this could have gone.


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