Dark Waters. Paragraph Review.

Mark Ruffalo play lawyer Rob Bilott in this biographical drama focusing on his fight for justice against chemical giant Dupont. The film is very effective and solid when it focuses on Bilott and the case he builds against the poisonous chemical company. Ruffalo delivers a reliably solid central performance. The sections that don’t focus directly on the central case is where the film struggles.  Anne Hathaway is stuck with a very underwritten role as Bilotts wife and if I’m being honest no other character makes a major impression. It doesn’t necessarily matter when so much of the running time is dedicated to the central case but if you’re looking for a way the film could have transitioned from good to great the fleshing out of the supporting cast is the obvious answer. That said this is a very solid slice of drama and is worth checking out if you are interested in the subject matter.


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