Emma (2020.) Paragraph Review.

Anya Taylor-joy and Mia Goth shine in the title roles of the sharp-witted new adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic comedy. The film provides gentle amusement throughout and is directed with a clear visual eye by photographer Autumn de Wilde The cast is strong throughout despite the somewhat mandatory presents of Bill Nighy and the inability to separate Johnny Flymms performance as Mr Knightley from his appearance in the  infamous ” time for a tasty debrief” Cineworld campaign. Tanya Reynolds also deserves a shout out because as with her performance in Sex Education she steels every scene she is in. Well I wouldn’t go out giving the film a huge recommendation I think its target audience will really connect with it and it kept me pleasantly entertained.  I certainly want to see what de Wilde does next as a filmmaker.


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