Downhill. Paragraph Review.

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus star this American remake of the acclaimed Swedish film Force Majeure (which I have not seen.) It’s one of the most tonally all over the place things I have seen in quite some time. A very unfunny script wants to fuse a family dramedy with elements of high melodrama in a in a way that’s very jarring. At certain intervals Miranda Otto (who I’m used to stealing every scene she’s in on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) turns up to deliver the worst performance I’ve seen so far this year. At these moments the film dives into straight sex comedy. Then it just stops without a true ending after 82 minutes (not including credits.) This is easily going to be one of my worst films of the year but it’s also one of those films that is far too dull for me to get righteously angry about or particularly remember come the end of 2020.

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