Greed. Paragraph Review.

Steve Coogan shines in Michael Winterbottom’s satire on British corporate culture. There’s a real joy in watching him find new ways to verbally eviscerate people. It’s one of the few joys in what is otherwise a very toothless satire covering topics that the audience for this type of film will likely already know about (worker exploitation, manipulation, tax havens, lavish lifestyles, celebrity friends etc.) You can imagine Winterbottom and his crew sitting there patting themselves on the back for how unrelentingly savage they think they are but I spent the entire film thinking that it would take me 30 seconds to find related non satirical stories that showcase corporate greed more effectively than the satirical ones depicted here.  if it wasn’t for Coogan’s central performance and one of the celebrity cameos fitting perfectly with his hilarious social media presents this film would be entirely worthless.


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