Like A Boss. Review.

This review is a follow-up. Check out my post on Cineworld’s “bring a friend” Unlimited screening for some of the broader context of this review.

I did not end up going to that screening. I had better things to do.  That said when I saw Like A Boss was doing public reviews for Valentine’s Day and I could lump it in with another screening I went in with my expectations at rock bottom. Were those expectations warranted?

Yes and no. Don’t get me wrong Like A Boss is atrocious and joins Doolittle as among the first truly terrible films of 2020. It’s limp, unfunny and it’s takes on female empowerment are about as deep as a paddling pool. Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne should know better. That said it’s also harmless fluff and the kind of thing that will slide off most viewers brains pretty much instantly. I’ve seen a lot worse in the chick flicks sphere. This film greatest crime is just being an unfunny bore. It’s made for an audience who thinks that the meme spawning Lizzo lyric ” I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100-percent that bitch” the height of female empowerment. If this audience enjoys it i’m not going to begrudge them.


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