Military Wives. Movie Review.

On the one hand it would be easy to look at this heavily fictionalised account of the first Military Wives Choir (Gareth Malone is not even mentioned beyond some text prior to the end credits) and see a film that  was put together by a robot after analysing data from pretty much every British crowdpleaser ever made. That said as I was watching it, I got the sneaking suspicion that a much more interesting film was fighting for airtime between the standard ” Pitch Perfect for wine mums and OAPs” you’d expect based on the marketing. Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are terrific in the central roles and are doing their best with some very thin material. That said there are sections where the film is surprisingly effective. These are the moments that focus on the choir and community coming together through discussion of shared experience and trauma. It might be plainly manipulative but it’s also far more engaging and effective than the films outer elements. That said I understand why the film did not choose to go down this path. It’s nowhere near as appealing to your mum or granny. Well I as a 26-year old film blogger can sit here and criticise the films very basic formula I think its target audience will be able to connect with it. It’s just frustrating when you can see the elements of a far more interesting film coming in around the edges.


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