Ragnarok (Netflix.) Season 1 Review.

Version Reviewed. Norwegian language with English Subtitles,   

If you need proof that not everything is automatically better in a foreign language look no further than this super clunky Norwegian teen drama from Netflix. After moving to a new town, a teenage boy discovers he might be a reincarnated Norse god. These elements of the plot have some fun moments but to get to them you have to sit through an avalanche of generic high school drama with the lead character and his brother, tonal yo-yoing going and a villainous family that get far too much time spent on them for the level of character depth they have. It’s not going to challenge The I-Land or Iron Fist for the title of worst Netflix original but it takes a premise that might sound fun on paper and turns it into generic slop. It’s been renewed for another season. Given that the six episodes end on a semi cliff-hanger this was not unexpected but I’m not approaching future seasons with any anticipation.


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