My Spy. Paragraph Review.

Do you want to see a family comedy that feels directly imported from 2005? Dave Batista and Chloe Coleman (one of the children from Big Little Lies) are here to provide exactly that in this very standard “buff action star has to look after children” comedy. That description may seem a little bit harsh, but the film is a lot more tolerable then the immediate comparison that came to mind the John Cena family vehicle Playing With Fire from late last year. This film doesn’t open by playing Uptown Funk over footage of a forest fire or have a random scene in it where a man sings an operatic version of the My Little Pony theme (I was delighted to see that scene  has already been used by “Movies Out of Context” Twitter accounts.) That doesn’t mean the film isn’t the sort of thing you’ve seen a million times before but Coleman and Batista have decent chemistry and despite myself there are a few chuckles sprinkled throughout that make the film generally tolerable for anyone over the age of 12. Kristen Schaal and Ken Jeong get nothing to do in the supporting cast but their roles are exactly what you would expect for this type of film (love interests and comedic handler.) An easy enough watch but provides nothing new to a sub-genre.


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