A Disability Perspective on Lockdown.

In the aftermath of several countries imposing some form of lockdown as  Covid 19 wrecks havoc all around the wider world several million people have been left without jobs and are not used to spending  so much time within their own homes. People will be bored out of their skulls and claim there is absolutely nothing to do whilst sitting around all day. Whilst I can’t offer any prospective employment to these people (believe me I wish I could) I can offer perspective  on how this is changed everything and yet nothing as a person with disabilities.

I graduated University with an undergraduate degree in Media and a postgraduate diploma in Journalism in 2018. Since then I’ve been looking for work with very limited success. A combination of limited opportunities in my city and the various moving parts that would be involved in me starting a job elsewhere (although I’m looking all around the UK) has really grinded  my confidence down at certain points despite Employment Services saying my CV was  strong. I typically spend my days searching for jobs writing for my own blog and getting myself out and around in my local city as a self-propelled wheelchair user(although I don’t qualify for a power chair I realistically don’t have the arm strength to get myself anywhere  substantial.) This requires use of taxis to get around which is annoying it’s a cost that has to be factored in in the same way any person (disability or otherwise) would budget for a certain cost  they know is unavoidable. This means that much as I try and go out multiple times a week weather that is  cinema trips, theatre, volunteer meetings or  maintaining a social life it means there will be days where I won’t go out and have to keep myself entertained whilst I ponder how many rejection letters I will get today. Once you get used to it these days aren’t that hard. Your friends will still be there via Phone,Skype or Messenger app of choice. What TV/ streaming content are you watching if anything. I’m in the lucky position of having two firm favourites Better Call Saul and Westworld currently airing seasons and the new season of Killing Eve will be starting soon. I’m watching The Mandalorian as it rolls out weekly in the UK on Disney +. If you’re not watching anything currently dig out some old favourites on physical media or streaming and work your way through them over a period. Do you have any   video games or unread books that you could work through or any hobbies that don’t explicitly involve going outside? All of these might seem like obvious questions but from the perspective of someone who is very used to similar conditions outside of Lockdown these are the things that keep his mind working whilst spending a few days inside. Yes, it’s annoying that all my (and lots of other peoples) regular hobbies have gone the way of the Dodo for the time being but they will be back once all of this blows over. If anything I hope this makes a certain section of the population realise that there are people out there are for whom going out and about every day is not a foregone conclusion and it may well increase appreciation level for those that have this as an option (as it should.)

We will get through this. It’s just a question as to how long the onslaught of Covid-19 remains a major factor around the world. Until then I hope I have provided perspective on how getting through seemingly endless days at home isn’t that hard if you focus your mind on what can still be done within these limitations.

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