Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #1 Spencer Confidential. (Netflix.)

Do you want to know what a modern CBS procedural would look like if it was R rated and had insane tonal whiplash? Well Peter Berg (who has made some solid films in the past) has gone into full Battleship and Mile 22 mode to show you just that with this remake of an ABC procedural from the mid-80s. The film jumps around from horrendously choreographed action scenes to broadly comedic ones whenever Alan Arkin or Eliza Schlesinger (who delivers the worst performance of 2020 thus far) show up. To top it off the PI scenes are some of the most generic possible and offer nothing of value. Post Malone has a random extended cameo for no other reason beyond the fact he’s a celebrity people will recognise in 2020. His appearance may age the film horrendously but he’s not actually that bad and could be a decent actor  in future   (if he  got some of his face tattoos lazered off.) The film is almost entirely worthless unless you like generic procedurals and in my experience the audience for this type of thing would not what go near anything with a hard R rating. It feels like nothing more than a lazy backdoor pilot for a full series or movie franchise (despite the fact the Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke are probably far too busy to commit in the way Netflix probably want. Avoid at all costs.


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