Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #7 The Platform. (Netflix.)

Netflix Spanish psychological thriller/horror has gained a good amount of buzz over the past several weeks. It is indeed a solid watch. That said it is not for the premise. Two prisoners wake up in a tower like structure with a platform of food going up and down the prison at regular intervals. In theory there should be enough for every prisoner but, the greed of those at the top have left those at the bottom fighting for the scraps of whatever is left. Yes it’s time for another “we live in a society” movie with examination of themes (societal greed, class, privilege) that are already feeling played out in 2020 (especially in the aftermath of Parasite  winning best picture.) It has not gained it for the characters all of whom  are archetypes and you can see pretty much exactly where the film is going from minute 1. Despite these obvious faults at its core the film has gained buzz because it is a nicely nasty slice of genre cinema that will satisfy certain audience is very nicely. The suffocating atmosphere created throughout works well and when the outbursts of gore and violence come, they are nicely executed. Like a lot of Netflix films, it does not overstay its welcome at very brisk 93 minutes. Despite the generic elements the things  that work are  effective enough to  make this a solid recommendation for genre fans and I think if the filmmakers are able to develop a script that’s a little less generic they have the potential to make something great.


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