Lockdown Streaming Reviews #9. Better Call Saul. Season 5. (Netflix/AMC) Suggestive Spoilers

The Breaking Bad universe has been home to some of the best long form storytelling of recent memory with Vince Gilligan and his team putting together some of the most compelling TV ever made. Looking at Better Call Saul specifically well it started off very solid over the previous two seasons especially things have really kicked into high gear with storylines and episodes up there with the parent series best. Before we knew that it had been renewed for a sixth and final season there were two very distinct paths the writers could go down for this season but after the announcement it became obvious that this season was going to be about Jimmy’s  birth of the Saul  persona after finally adopting it at the end of the previous season. That said there were a few loose ends but little suggestions as to where other plots might be headed. Did season 5 deliver relative to the shows past glories.

Definitely but more so in the second half. The default quality level for likes of Saul as a show is so insanely high that the first half is still extraordinarily strong with the compelling characters writing and cinematography viewers have come to expect from this universe. There’s a lot of moving the chess pieces around the broad so the season can really unleash in the second half and deliver not only its strongest stretch of episodes yet but some of the best material across the entire franchise. Episode 5.08 has been highlighted as a standout and it really is an extraordinary episode. Taking two characters who have plot armour  at this point in the timeline putting them in immediate danger and then having that be the focus of the episode shouldn’t work yet in the hand of these creative that’s one of the best episodes across the franchise and remind money the best individual episode of TV in 2020 thus far in 2020 thus far. The finale double cliff-hanger ending may be annoying to some viewers but set everything up nicely for the final 13 episodes which I’m sure in the hands of one of the best creative teams currently working or going to be absolutely fantastic.


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