Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #11. Tales from The Loop. (Amazon Prime.)

Amazons experimental streak when commissioning Originals continues with this incredibly low key eight-episode sci-fi anthology based on Simon Stalenhag artwork. All the stories have some form of connection and character overlap with the central premise  being (as Jonathan Price tells the audience  at the start of the show) that all of this is taking place in a small American town above the eponymous  Loop a mysterious of a otherworldly machine that also provides a large majority  of the towns employment.

This won’t be for everyone and there’s a distinct focus on  (very effective) atmosphere over plot but for those who are able to buy into the tone and style there’s something very effective  about the extremely grounded way it tackles a number of sci-fi standards. Time travel, body switching, doppelgangers, robots and alternative universes are all treated in the most grounded and realistic way possible. Add to this solid performance and an incredible score from Paul Leonard Morgan and Philip Glass and you have a complete package that certain audiences will really get on board with. Well the final (and best) story heavily implies  this was only meant to be a one season experiment if this gains enough of an audience more theres potential for future seasons in the same way as something like experimental stablemate Homecoming (I’m looking forward to watching and covering the second season,)


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