Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #21 Dating Amber. (Amazon.)

On the surface it would be very easy to look at Amazon’s acquisition of this Irish LGBTQ comedy as a blatant attempt to cash in on the Normal People hype. This is especially apparent given that it stars Finn O’Shea (who played Jamie) and got a very enthusiastic reaction from Paul Mescal on Twitter. Having seen it despite the 90s setting and pop culture references of the period you’d expect the thing it much closer in tone to is the early episodes of Netflix’s Sex Education. it’s got the frank and occasionally funny but often quite cringe inducing posting Inbetweeners cringe comedy without the warm-hearted taboo busting energy of the former show at its best. That’s not to say it’s without things to enjoy. O’Shea and Layla Pettigrew deliver very likeable central performances and the film is generally much better when it mostly ditches the school setting after the opening act and focuses more distinctly on the two central characters friendship and adventures together. It wouldn’t last more than a week in cinemas outside of the pandemic but is generally pleasant enough viewing for the 90 minutes runtime. If you looking for a decent if unexceptional LGBTQ cinema you this might fit the bill.  


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