Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #23 The Vast of Night. (Amazon.)

On the surface this microbudget Amazon Original film doesn’t sound like anything particularly special. A radio DJ (Jake Horowitz) and a switchboard operator (Sierra McCormack) discover a mysterious signal hinting at potential extra-terrestrial activity in late 1950s New Mexico. In some ways it isn’t ( it has exactly the lo fi tone one might expect from this kind of debut feature) and there are clear moments where the lack of budget comes into play with the choice too overlay audio on to a black screen in a way that suggests the film might have been better as an audio drama or podcast. That said the film boasts two great central performances and even with the limitations it clearly this is an enormously engaging and hugely promising debut feature. Director Andrew Patterson shows himself to be a hugely talented narrative storyteller and for as rough around the edges as the film is you get the sense that with a bigger budget Patterson could make something potentially exceptional. Thus, although the film is far from perfect if you want a great example of a film maker who has a potentially strong career ahead of him Andrew Patterson is one of the best examples currently working. Hopefully enough people in high places have seen this film to give him the chance with a bigger budget that he so clearly deserves.


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