Hannah (Amazon). Season 2. Review

The first season of Amazon’s Hannah TV adaptation fell very nicely into Amazon’s slate of perfectly watchable but not particularly exciting action shows. Esme Creed-Miles strong lead performance and solid (if unspectacular) action were let down by weak writing, the massive charisma vacuum of Joel Kinnaman and the general sense it had nothing new to offer in the teen assassin subgenre. Nevertheless, the fact Kinnaman was killed and future seasons would spend some time focusing on other trainees at the Utrax facility did suggest that future seasons might be more interesting. Does season 2 deliver any kind of improvement. 

Yes, but how much viewers get on board with this season will depend almost entirely on certain pivots the season takes. There is much greater time devoted to the Utrax trainees met briefly at the end of season one. They are taken to a new facility together adapting newly created identity’s and this is the basis for a lot of the season plot. This results in resembling a teen drama for certain sections but given the writers were always likely to give the new characters extended screen time this seems like an obvious way to do it. It may well turn off certain audiences who expect the very vanilla action show of season one. 

 In general, there’s a lot more going on from a plot perspective. it’s nothing great and the kind of material action fans have seen a million times before but it does feel better structured as a season compared to the first attempt which was poorly paced and lacking in plot. Creed Miles is still solid in the central role but once again the writing doesn’t go far enough in establishing why the audience should care about a character who at this point has been shown to be essentially invincible. That said the greater momentum helps paper over the cracks enormously. The final two episodes are incredibly solid in providing strong closure and intriguing setup for next season. It’s easily the best the show has been at this point. 

Audience feelings on Hannah Season 2 could depend entirely on how one feels about the more direct pivot into outright teen drama with the Utrax trainee plot. As a viewer who thought this seemed like a solid extension given the end of season one overall season 2 represents a solid if unspectacular improvement. This is going to be no watches favourite show but season 2 showcases the sort of quality upgrade that can be easily built upon with the recently ordered third season. 


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