Back To The Cinema. #2. Unhinged.

This was officially the first film this writer saw back at his local multiplex (although the second review to go up.) There is something wonderfully ironic about this film being pushed as a theatrical exclusive in these times as it is one of the most prime direct to VOD/streaming release seen in recent memory. It offers nothing beyond an extremely basic setup with Russell Crowe as a psychopathic killer truck driver who gets honked at by single mother Caren   Pistorious who thus becomes Crowes next target. It is not quite as awful as it could have been. Crowe is highly effective in the central role even if the extent of his performance involves him glaring menacingly at several characters before threatening them with death. This is followed by   some brutally effective gore and solid set pieces. That said an incredibly po faced screenplay the really wants to prioritise a  “ripped from the headlines” feel (Crowes  character is essentially an extreme men’s rights activist if viewers can get past all the murder.) Not to mention the film legitimately opens with an extended montage of real-life road rage incidents. It feels incredibly insensitive as the first moderately sized theatrical release for five months but this was clearly part of the  marketing strategy in targeting those viewers that would likely attend theatrical screenings during a pandemic regardless of what others thought  (there is a certain level of irony Internet this was exactly what this critic was doing in order to write this review.) It might be a worthwhile 90 minutes for genre/exploitation fans as a Friday night beer and pizza viewing but beyond the visage   of Russell Crowes stone faced expression there is nothing here worth theatrical presentation.


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