Project Power Review

Have you ever seen a film where one-story decision tanks any interest viewers might have had in a potentially fantastic concept? Netflix latest attempt at a blockbuster is a prime example. After an opening scene establishing the arrival of a new drug in near future New Orleans that gives those that take it superpowers for five minutes. The film shows the drugs rise in a matter of minutes (one quick montage delivered through a series of 911 calls) before starting the films narrative in earnest. It’s a generic affair following Jamie Foxx on a quest for his missing daughter, Joseph Gordon Levitt as a cop chasing crimes related to the central substance and an excellent turn from Dominique Fishback as the dealer caught in the middle. Incredibly stylish direction from catfish duo  Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman  as well as some solid action sequences can’t disguise the fact that on a narrative level it’s a rather dull affair .There is  a much better prequel  to be made but what viewers do get resembles a less insufferable iteration of one of David Ayres blockbuster efforts .Fishback  delivers a performance far too good for this material. This could highlight her as a potential star in the making for the casting directors of the future.

Project Power is far from awful. A strong turn from Dominique Fishback and some stylishly directed action sequences see to that. However it’s hard not to feel that the truly interesting elements  both in the story  and central concept are things the narrative as it exists in the final cut is not interested in. A worthwhile watch for action fans and those that’s like strong premises within films but overall a rather dull slog.


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