Back to the Cinema. #5. The Broken Hearts Gallery.

The Kay Cannon   comedy Blockers is one of the better studio efforts of recent memory. one of its breakout stars    Geraldine Viswanathan teams up with  Dacre Montgomery (Billy from Stranger Things) in this charming  romantic comedy from writer/director Natalie Kinsey. It follows the central character Lucy as she sets up an art exhibition compiled of all the random items acquired from various previous relationships. The film offers nothing viewers will not have seen before but the two leads have great chemistry and Kinsey’s warm and witty screenplay help matters enormously.  The narrative device of interviewing various people that come into the gallery with items to donate is nicely effective (look out for a particularly Inspired Obama gag. ) It is the kind of film that would kill on Netflix given that they have taken to cornering the genre of mid budget rom coms (with some definite standouts on offer.) That said it is not worthy of being a theatrical exclusive during a global pandemic and offers no benefits from a theatrical presentation (much is this might not be the films fault in this case.)  In six months’, time when eagle eyed viewers are flicking through streaming to discover what has been added   this would be an incredibly solid choice for a first watch. It does not join the upper tier of recent studio comedies with the previously mentioned Blockers Game Night   and others but is well worth seeking out once it is safe and cost effective to do so.


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