Cats and Dogs 3. Paws Unite. Movie Review

Hey folks, do you know Warner Brothers thought it was a good idea to make another Cats and Dogs sequel and release it direct to video nine years after the last theatrical entry. Better yet this film is now in the majority of UK multiplex’s that have remained open thanks to Warner Brothers UK complying with the theatrical window for a film that would belong nowhere near a cinema apart from during a global pandemic with certain audiences desperate for new content. The UK theatrical print does not even bother removing the “Warner Bros Home Entertainment Presents” from the opening credits.  The film has all the trappings of a pointless incredibly cheap  sequel taking place in limited locations with the live action actors clearly wishing they could be anywhere that isn’t filming Cats and Dogs 3.

With that said if viewers have seen any talking animal piece of kid’s entertainment over the last 20 years, they have seen everything this film has to offer. Beyond the expected supply of fart and piss “jokes” the inherent cheapness and the mercenary attitude of the marketers to dump it on UK cinema screens there is nothing offensive or especially memorable. The most “interesting “element of the film from this writer’s perspective is that the central dog is named Roger after Federer because its human owner is a big tennis player and fan. As someone who fits both of those criteria if he were to get a new dog and were given free reign as to its name considering Roger Federer and Andy Murray have always been firm favourites those would be top contenders. Other than that slice of personal amusement this was an uneventful but not offensive viewing experience that should have stayed where it belongs. On a DVD shelf or streaming selection where no one outside of the target audience (those eight and under) will learn of its existence.


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