Black Beauty (2020.) Quick Review.

This Disney + original (acquired rather than produced in house)is the latest adaptation of the Anna Sewell novel features Mackenzie Foy in the lead live-action role and Kate Winslet as the voice of the horse. Director-writer and editor Ashley Avis shows off her hugely impressive visual eye but it’s not hard to see why the film has been packaged as a streaming exclusive. The screenplay gives the story the sort of sheen viewers might have seen in live-action animal movies from the mid-2000s to early 2010s. A certain level of the films genericness is forgivable that given that Black Beauty is in itself one of the origin points of the animal-focused subgenre. The films the main problem is Winslet’s narration. Her vocal performance is perfectly fine (if a little uninspired.)It’s more than the script relies on her so heavily it resembles a very pretty audiobook visualizer that listeners would download along with the Audible purchase of whatever Black Beauty performance floats listeners proverbial boats. The sheer visual beauty of the cinematography and direction is enough to recommend it to viewers looking for something pretty to watch or fans that want to see a new incarnation for the classic storey. Other viewers can chalk this one up to another instance of mediocre Disney + originals.

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