The King of Staten Island. Quick Review

Pete Davidson stars in this partially autobiographical slice of life slacker comedy from Judd Apatow. This viewer/ critic wasn’t overly familiar with Davidson outside of his connection to Ariana Grande before watching the film which is a good showcase for his comedic talent. Like all Judd Apatow directional effort, the narrative feels far too shaggy and overlong for what should be a fairly straightforward contemporary comedy. It’s a slice of life slacker movie with Davidson caught in the middle of his widowed mother’s (Marisa Tomei) new relationship with Bill Burr whilst dealing with those around him as well as learning more about his heroic firefighter father. Much is this meant a lot to Davidson and Apatow it does not justify an epic 137-minute running time. The pacing brings down several strong comedic moments sprinkled throughout. Much as it’s the most heartfelt section of the narrative the firefighter subplot could be lost entirely ( despite a strong supporting turn from Steve Buscemi as the anchor for that side of the narrative.) This is a better film than Apatow previous directorial effort Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck but like that film, its best moments are going to get viewed in isolation thanks to YouTube clips rather than in the context of the overall film. this critic may have only watched Trainwreck in full once but he has watched the John Cena movie theatre scene ( easily the funniest thing Amy Schumer has ever been involved with and 99% of it is nothing to do with her dozens of times.) Similarly, an early scene between Davidson and Burr probably extracted the biggest laugh from this critic in what has been the yearly equivalent of a garbage fire but this scene is funny regardless of its placement within the overall narrative. despite the somewhat heavy nature of some of the themes discussed ( especially for this brand of lightweight comedy), the film was overall a pleasant experience.

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