Godmothererd. Quick Review.

In this critic’s recent review of the 2019 Disney + Christmas effort Noelle, it was mentioned that for 2020 the streaming service looked to be putting out another sub Enchanted offering in the form of Godmothered. Having now seen the film in certain respects this very much the case. It’s essentially Enchanted with Fairy Godmothers instead of princesses. Jillian Bell plays the Amy Adams role, Patrick Dempsey is replaced with Isla Fisher, James Marsden is swapped put for by two indistinct male characters who get one of the film’s bigger laughs simply due to them being named Hugh and Grant. There is some animal-based slapstick and Idina Menzel is exchanged for Jane Curtin. Change the backdrop from New York to Boston and you have one Enchanted knock off. It’s probably more accurate to say that this is a film that may have the bones of a very similar structure but does not understand what has made its clear inspiration so beloved among Disney fans. Enchanted has a very impressive level of tonal consistency. Everyone in the core cast knows what sort of parody they’re in but it’s never over or underplayed and the film doesn’t talk down to the audience regardless of age. Add in the memorable songs and a strong sense of heart throughout and you have a very memorable Disney live-action favourite. Godmothered has the slapstick elements down. Jillian Bell is trying her best and does produce a few goofy laughs. The thing is that everyone else delivers their work with the distinct knowledge that they are in a C/D tier Disney streaming offering and the film suffers as a result. Given some of the absolute dreck that Disney has shuffled out on its streaming service over the past year ( Secret Society of Second Born Royals anyone.) The film is not as bad as it might have been. That doesn’t mean it’s particularly good. it’s the sort of thing that’s only truly recommendable to die-hard Disney fans or massive slapstick apologists. The finale centres on a cover of Andra Day’s Rise Up and if viewers are listening closely they can hear that trap beat slid into the back of the audio mix. Its decisions like this that showcase just how mercenary Disney’s attitude towards it’s streaming service and original content is. There may be enough blockbuster offerings to keep regular viewers subscribed for a month but after they are done bingeing The Mandalorian or the upcoming MCU streaming content there’s hardly anything to keep them coming back. Gluttons for punishment who want to get down in the weeds with the content Disney does not want general audiences to see might find something worthwhile. This critic has the uneasy feeling that attitude’s like this will continue to be the services modus operandi.

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