The Midnight Sky. Quick Review.

Not related to the Miley Cyrus song with a similar title this George Clooney starring and directed Netflix vehicle features him as an astronaut trapped in a post-apocalyptic Arctic Circle. Meanwhile, the crew of a spaceship ( Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Kyle Chandler, Damien Bashir) are returning from an unsuccessful mission to colonise a planet initially thought to be habitable. The film has received several sniffy reviews. Looking at the final product much as this critic might argue it’s a bit better than some have reported it’s not hard to see why. It’s been made by a creative team who have seen all the right modern movies they think can influence a potentially ambitious genre meld ( post-apocalyptic survival drama both in the Arctic and the realms of space. It’s Moon without the cloned element ( not a spoiler.) Arctic sands the grit. The Martian if it was completely po-faced and Gravity entirely removed of any suspense the suspense. Flashback sequences also mean its employees The Irishman’s questionable de ageing technology with zero compelling characters or narrative that make this choice somewhat forgivable. That said the more emotion-driven final act did school some resonance with this critic. Certain viewers will find the narrative choices taken decidedly overwrought bordering on potentially hilarious. Milages will very much very. The one thing that can hopefully be agreed on by all is that’s on a baseline level the film it is very derivative and uneventful for the majority of its runtime. It’s far from the worst Netflix original around at the moment but it’s only truly recommendable quality is playing a game of “what better film is this element taken from” as the narrative plays out.

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