Irresistible. Quick Review.

After watching Charlie Brooker and friends Netflix embarrassment Death To 2020 this critic assumed that satire released inside said year could not get more basic. Unbeknownst to him, this pandemic released political comedy from writer/director Jon Stewart was sitting in his Amazon rentals. Steve Carrell plays a Democrat spin-doctor who tries to influence a mayoral election in Republican heartland after seeing a viral video and putting his weight behind Democratic-leaning rural farmer Chris Cooper. Cue an incredibly basic and softly targeted slice of political satire that takes what could be an interesting premise and proceeds to do nothing interesting with it. Carrell is on autopilot throughout. but the dreadful script is certainly not helping matters. not even Rose Byrne who can typically light up the dullest of comedy simply by her presence can elevate the material. Things progress exactly as expected given the initial set up heading towards an ending that’s painfully signposted from about 10 minutes in. Then in its very final movement, the film throws a curveball at the audience. The choice to close out the film could be interesting. Critically though it’s the exact reveal that The Good Place at already executed flawlessly across its first two seasons ( this show in its prime.) In terms of atrocious attempted b satire released in 2020, this viewer would probably pick watching this again over Death To 2020 but it’s simply thanks to Irresistible being much less annoying. It’s still a painfully dull, poorly executed and softly targeted American political comedy that has little appeal to UK audiences. The fact that Universal UK released this initially as a PVOD title is frankly embarrassing. No one should have to pay £9.99 to rent this garbage.

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