Lupin. Part One. Quick Review.

The majority of the time massive streaming hits are explainable in some way. Just look at the mania surrounding Tiger King. Viewers may have had plenty of moral obligations to the madness of Joe Exotic and the GW zoo but the story was engaging enough to hold interest regardless of presentation or bias. Bridgeton may be a simple revolution of the kind of ensemble soup Shondaland as a TV brand is known for. That said it is gorgeously made and features lots of pretty people. For a certain audience that’s prime escapist entertainment. Then there’s Netflix another recent world-conquering smash hit. This seemingly random half-season French original based loosely on an established Robin Hood-style figure. it features Omar Sy in the lead role. He sets out to reverse and get revenge on the family who betrayed his father.

Having seen the five episodes in the original language it’s not hard to see why this might be a mid tear streaming series It’s slick and watchable. Omar Sy is a likeable screen presence and a solid leading man. proceedings end on a decent cliffhanger setting up the second half of the season releasing this summer. That said the fact 70 million households have seen at least 2 minutes of this very average show with little to distinguish it from the many other pieces of media with this exact premise is a little baffling. Perhaps a certain amount of this can be explained away by Netflix’s very low boundary in terms of what counts as a “view.”
Ultimately watching something for as little as two minutes before deciding to click off is not an endorsement or says anything about what the viewer might have thought of said two minutes. All these states are that watchers had a mild interest in clicking play. Lupin is the sort of inoffensive show that benefits hugely from streaming algorithms. A broad and engaging five episodes that ultimately won’t make that much of an impression in-between episode/ part releases. Well, this reviewer is perfectly willing to watch Part Two will along with future seasons he doesn’t greet them with any sense of excitement. Critically though he’s not massively annoyed at the shows gargantuan success either.
Part One rating. 6/10

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