WandaVision (Disney +) Review.

In the years since the MCU as an entity became so dominant over modern pop culture, it has become a very easy target. People forget that the MCU foundation wasn’t laid by Disney. It is all thanks to Kevin Feige and his production teams. Regardless of what certain pretentious art house obsessives will tell you Marvel Studios have produced some of the most solidly reliable genre entertainment over the last 13 years. Detractors will then typically go into a massive echo chamber over whatever A24 happens to have put out this week. Feige has now wrestled control of the TV side of the company output. This discussion could be a whole article in and of itself. Following this, there was the immediate question of what these first waves of the official canon, properly universe connected streaming shows were going to look like. Due to COVID delays, WandaVision was the first out the gate. Whatever else can be said for the season it is decidedly the most distinct creative vision since James Gunn first entered the picture with the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. A blend of pastiching/ recreating various eras of American sitcom with the eventual reveal over more conventional Marvel Cinematic Universe plot. all of this is top of Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their roles from the films. What does the franchises first dramatic streaming offering bring to the table?
A fair amount. The creative team’s dedication towards recreating the aesthetics of various eras and styles is hugely impressive. this goes for all elements of the production and this is especially noticeable in the earlier multicamera sitcom episodes. Viewers are essentially watching a sitcom of the era that just happens to have had some Marvel characters dropped in. How effective these sections are for individual watches will vary on a case by case basis but they are objectively well executed. Things do eventually broaden out beyond the very plastic world of sitcoms. While the more conventional MCU narrative might prove disappointing for those who were more interested in the sitcom elements this is ultimately a Marvel production. they have a proven formula that is mostly very effective. There’s nothing to dispute that here. The franchise is a whole that puts more emphasis on characters, emotional arcs and getting the audience to buy into the connective tissue between each piece of the puzzle. Once revealed the eventual arc of the story could very easily have been guessed from the marking. This is distinctly not the point. The cast sells the plot and emotional beats very effectively in a way that enables audiences to buy into the drama of what’s going on. This may be less true for the early sitcom exclusive episodes (the one element that was decidedly hurt thanks to the weekly episode release.) These six hours offer a condensed example of the strengths in the greater franchise,without having to sit through 21 individual films. Fans shall see what are more potentially conventional example of these shows might look like when Falcon and The Winter Soldier debuts next week.
WandaVision provides not only a creative-minded season of TV ( not typical for the MCU. ) It also offers a strong case example of why these productions resonate on such a global scale. The plot and mystery elements may be nothing revolutionary. However, the effectiveness of them is sold through the strong delivery of effective emotional beats. Solid commitment to both delivering on the promised Marvel spin on sitcoms and more conventional franchise action certainly helps matters. Overall this is a strong start for the new streaming era of the universe. Expect ongoing reviews for future seasons and mini-series as they further rollout.

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