Yes Day. Quick Review.

In 2008 this critic had just met a new befriender. he very quickly established he’s love for cinema by going on various cinema trips with them. His first one was to see the Jim Carrey vehicle Yes Man. Relatively unremarkable PG-13 comedy readers might say. That might be the case. However, imagine watching the scene where Jim Carrey has to say yes to initiating sex with a granny next to someone who you have just met. 13 years later we are still close friends and that moment still gets brought up regularly. Having only seen the film once it’s developed a weird sentimental value in this critics brain. Obvious NSFW warning here.

That little story is more interesting than anything in Yes Day witch is effectively a kid orientated, PG-rated version of the same premise. Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez slum it as the adults that are her typically far too good for this variety of slapstick kids film, it’s almost not worth mentioning the technical quality of this sort of production. Every creative choice is indicative of a middle of the road streaming movie. This puts proceedings at a level above the embarrassing TV pilot aesthetic that is typical of churned out kids movies. Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul and Playing With Fire say hello.
Yes Day is nothing close to good. A few mild chuckles and a certain amount of technical proficiency means it’s a rung above a creatively bankrupt embarrassment. That said there’s nothing to glean in terms of any adult audience value. This is perfectly fine. In terms of streaming-based kids movies and original content, you could do a lot worse. Even then that granny scene from Yes Man will always stick in this critic’s mind when he thinks about this premise on screen.

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