The War With Grandpa. Quick Review

Amongst the film community ( especially those based in the US) The War With Grandpa became something of a meme during the pandemic. This generic-looking Robert De Niro kids comedy was insistent upon being a theatrical exclusive. It looked like the last film one would potentially risk their life to go and see. In the UK it has formed part of Amazon’s continuing lineup of films that might have broader audience appeal previously without UK distribution. They market these releases as exclusive premieres and then leave whatever film to be lost in the maelstrom of streaming releases. This critic went into the film expecting the worst. After all, the R rated version of this was Dirty Grandpa. That is one of the most hateful supposed comedies released in the last 10 years. nothing was expected beyond a PG-rated version of the typically lazy Robert De Niro comedy vehicle viewers tend to get these days. Was it as bad as expected?
Yes and no. don’t get the critic wrong the film isn’t very good. What did viewers expect from a kids movie called The War with Grandpa? This is not even mentioning the supporting players that seem far too good for this material. Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken Cheech Marin, Jane Seymore. It has a plot that can be accurately summed up by the title. This viewer is not sure if it was the benefit of lowered expectations or knowing the film could be so much worse. This is both in terms of this kind of cheap family cash grab and knowing what a traumatising experience Dirty Grandpa was. The family edition is perfectly inoffensive. Fans of broad slapstick may even get something out of it. It still possesses the vague TV pilot aesthetic of cheap kids films. However, it was nowhere near as patience-testing is expected. There’s far worse streaming original all-ages entertainment out there ( some of it based on well known licenced IP.) some viewers will see this as a potential embarrassment for De Niro Those familiar with this strain of kid-oriented slapstick will find nothing offensive here.

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