Moxie. Paragraph Review

Haley Robinson creates a school magazine in an attempt to tackle sexism in this Amy Poehler directed Netflix high school comedy. Given the central theme, it’s no surprise that the issues dealt with in the narrative are important. Unfortunately, The film doesn’t present or tackle the inequality or sexism it’s trying to address, in a way that’s engaging or interesting. Its take on the central characters feminist awakening relates to her discovering and listening to Bikini Kill albums. Things aren’t helped by the fact the Robinsons central character feels hugely underdeveloped. She is surrounded by a better supporting cast who would have made a more engaging narrative focal point for the events on screen. The greater engagement in outwith the main character players actively saves this dull mess from sinking any lower. Despite the good intentions, the full package feels like the sort of distinctly middlebrow “issues” drama that will bore secondary school age teenagers after screening in Personal and Social Education classes for years to come. Netxix stablemate Sex Education at its best could knock out this exact plot and structure in its sleep. Amy Poehler has fans but they deserve so much better than this. Unless viewers have a real weakness for teen drama or very earnest media that decidedly fumble the landing. One best avoided.

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