Godzilla VS Kong. Review.

Legendary Entertainments so-called Monsterverse is one of those franchises that has occurred between periods of this writer keeping consistently updated blogs. He has seen the three films the lead up to this crossover between the giant radioactive lizard and enormous Skull Island dwelling ape. This series has had some good moments but never lived up to its potential. As much as the atomic breath reveal in Godzilla (2014) is one of the best moments in recent blockbuster cinema. it’s surrounded by bland human characters and an uninvolving story. There’s the general sense this production could have been so much more. Sequel King of the Monsters goes too far in the other direction with a clear focus on giant Kaiju battles. These a level of love for the character’s origins. Unfortunately, the films unbelievably murky visual style cuts the creative team off at the knees in terms of how effective the fights are in execution. Most of them come across. as profoundly dull. Kong: Skull Island was decidedly unmemorable aside from its post-Vietnam 70s setting. The prospect of a team-up next entry continuing the franchise was exciting on a pure spectacle level That said this endeavour has been fundamentally flawed from the start. Will this change with the big crossover.
Yes and no. It’s worth noting that while the movie was available for premium rental this viewer deliberately went and saw it on the biggest screen possible once cinemas reopened. This was a good decision. The fact it was offered as a home viewing experience it’s quite frankly insane. Warner Brothers should have pulled the same strategy as Paramount with A Quiet Place Part 2 and held the firm back until it looked like the big screen was going to reopen on a large scale. With theatrical presentation and a decent surround system, this is pure blockbuster cinema. The first time this series has offered consistently engaging spectacle-driven set-pieces The smackdowns are the new films relative strength. This also brings to light the franchise’s fundamental flaw. Even after three entries of potential development the human characters remain sorely lacking. To make truly great blockbuster entertainment, creatives need to not only deliver appropriately scaled set-pieces but characters the audience can latch onto. Much as it might be an easy target for some, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the best in the current field at achieving this. Much as director Adam Wingard has finally enabled the monster verse to deliver on some of its potentials. unfortunately, if viewers don’t care about those caught in the collateral damage on the screen there’s a ceiling of quality your blockbuster will hit. Godzilla Vs Kong certainly does.
Godzilla VS Kong offers the Monsterversus first truly consistent step into solid big screen level entertainment. In offering a slice of solid spectacle this franchises fundamental flaws come roaring into view. The lack of a single memorable character or defined performance hurt a film that could have been excellent. Viewers will watch the film for the throwdown between a giant radioactive lizard and a massive monkey. On that level it delivers. The lack of any truly engaging franchise groundwork before this point hampers the piece from delivering on its true potential.

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