Supernova. Quick Review

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci play a couple taking what could be their last holiday together well dealing with the aftermath of Tuccis early-onset dementia diagnosis in this tender British LGBTQ drama. The central performances here are terrific. There’s something strangely reassuring about watching two great actors effectively delivering some gentle banter. The script does a solid job of selling the emotional bond between the central players in its relatively brief 90-minute runtime. Who It offers some very sensitive discussion of potentially difficult themes. Especially in its examination of how loved ones will do absolutely everything they can to make sure those they love have the best life possible under threat from a potentially terminal illness. This culminates in a stunning third act dinner scene between the two protagonists. This somewhat cancels out the major tonal misstep of a scene earlier where it looks like the film might turn into middle-aged 13 Reasons Why.

So why does the whole thing not connect quite as well as it should? It’s honestly difficult to say. Maybe it’s the brief runtime or very singular focus. Perhaps The Father and its emotionally brutal portrait of dementia on screen still linger deep in the memory of everyone who saw it. the narrative does not hit the emotional highs that it perhaps could consistently. Nevertheless, There’s enough hearing strength of the performances alone to merit a solid recommendation. It’s just that the film doesn’t quite hit the overall high points worthy of its best moments.

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