Monster Hunter. Quick Review.

To a certain audience the fact Paul WS Anderson costs his wife Milla Jovovich in everything and special houses in consistently terribly reviewed video game movies is something of a meme at this point. This critic has been lucky enough to avoid the six live-action Resident Evil films. That said he did go into their latest effort a feature adaptation of another Capcom video game property with some level of an open mind. These hopes were quickly dashed roughly 10 minutes in. Jovovich plays. the leader of a platoon of soldiers who get sucked into an alternative reality filled with monstrous Kaiju. She teams up with Tony Jaa in hopes of escape. Throughout the screening, the immediate question going through this viewers mind was how a film could be so loud, throwing as much Kaiju action at the screen as possible and yet so deathly boring. Loud with an unbelievably aggressive sound mix and enough monsters as the budget will allow. Yet none of it has any emotional impact. The script verges on the embarrassing. The action is choppy. The creature design is generic. The film legitimately has nothing to recommend it. Like Michael Bay, at his most soulless. Weirdly without any of the overt racism or sexism that at least makes Bay at his worst memories. Say what you will about robot testicles and random instances of unbelievable misogyny. Viewers will at least remember them. As a film, Monster Hunter is not even capable of that sort of impact on the cultural landscape. Going by the 2021 general UK release date it is easily one of the worst films of the year thus far. It may honestly be difficult to beat in the months ahead. We shall see what other cinematic atrocity’s come to light in the remaining months of the year.

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